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Questions about Prices

Why can't you tell me an exact fee?

  • Different cases are more simple or more complex than other cases. The prices listed reflect the expected legal fees for the majority of this type of case. Applicants with no criminal history and no prior immigration encounters can expect to pay closer to the bottom of the range. Those with a few minor criminal offenses can expect to pay closer to the higher end of the range. Those with more serious criminal offenses can expect to pay more than the range. During the consultation, the attorney will be able to learn more about your case and give you a better idea of the fees your case will require.

Why is my fee different than other people's fees for the same service?

  • Many different factors go into fees for a particular case. No two cases are the same and should not be compared to each other. Immigration law does always treat similar cases similarly and sometimes differences in cases depend on factors outside a person's control, such as the country in which they were born, or a change in the law.

Do the legal fees include the cost for the government?

  • No. You will need to budget separately for the government fees.

Can you guarantee I will win my case?

  • No. No lawyer can guarantee you will win your case, because the lawyer does not make the decision on your case. The lawyer can only help you determine the risks and present the best evidence possible. 

Do you offer payment plans?

  • No. However, the business that processes payments for the firm does offer loans to help you cover your legal fee costs. 

Why should I pay you to just fill out some forms?

  • Hiring an immigration lawyer is not about someone filling out forms. The forms are a very small part of your case. Hiring an attorney is about having a partner who is going to help you navigate one of the most complicated areas of law in the U.S. This begins with the attorney using their skills and expertise to determine how strong your case is, how to make it stronger, what evidence will be needed, how to acquire that evidence, and what the risks are. The attorney also must determine which forms the government requires, how much the government will charge for the applications, where to send the applications. The office further takes care of mailing the applications and evidence, and ensuring they are delivered and receipted by the government. The attorney then follows the processing of the application, which can take several weeks or many years. Importantly, the attorney ensures that government requests for more information are valid, and that they are answered sufficiently. In more complex cases, the attorney must research law and make arguments to the government showing why you are eligible for the benefit you are seeking. 

Sample Legal Fees

These are examples of legal fees for most cases. Some cases will be on the lower end, and some on the higher end. Some cases with extensive or complex criminal or immigration histories will have higher costs. 

DACA Renewals                                     $500-$1000

Naturalization                                         $1500-$5000

Cuban Adjustment Act                          $1500-$4000

Family-based adjustment of status    $2500-$4500

Renew 10-year green card                   $500-$1000

Renew 2-year green card                     $1000-$2500

Family-petitions (step 1)                        $1200-$2100

Immigrant Visa processing (step 2)     $2500-$4000

I-601/I-601A Waiver                              $3000-$6000

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